Cthulhugirl’s Card Analysis Series

While the rest of the world moves forward in technology, I remain set in my ways.  The Infinity Wars community often talks about their favourite Twitch streamers, who provide interactive game sessions where people can watch the streamer play and chat and connect.  While its great for community building, which I am VERY much a proponent of, it’s not my style.

Im a Youtube fan, personally.  A year ago I did my own videos in Alpha, but then real life happened and the time I had to make videos disappeared. That left Youtube void of any real community members to hold the flag.  Sure, a review pops up here and there, but no-one who is really integrated themselves with the Infinity Wars community has taken up the mantle.

Until now. Cthulhugirl has recently started up a very informative Card Analysis series, which looks at a single card, and walks the viewer through the many different strategies it can employ. While I personally found she got off to a rocky start, I now look forward to her latest installments.  As such, I shall share her gems on my website as they get released, because they really do deserve a bigger audience.

(And I am not just doing this so she does Devil of Despair for me. Although I would really appreciate it if she did.  HINT HINT!)

Below are the many videos she has already done.  Her style is quick and to the point, offloading information in small, easily digestable 3 – 5 minute videos. Take a look, and perhaps be inspired for deck building purposes!

Verore Magic Siphoners

Controlled Temporal Anomaly

Hunted Dragon

Spirit of the Ancient Guardians

Sacullas, the Final Hammer



Enyah, of Infinite Possibilities

Infested Knight

Kali, the Purifier

Caretaker of the Young

Inter-dimensional Phase Bot

If you enjoyed these videos, be sure to show your appreciation by subscribing to her channel. Or at the very least, leave a message of encouragement for her on the forums!

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